Post-installation tweaks for Debian stretch

This post gives a few tweaks I like to apply to a freshly installed Debian system. It is important for modern CPUs to install the microcode. This can be easily done by installing the intel-microcode …

10 things to do AFTER Installing DEBIAN | Average Linux User

Are you looking for things to do after installing Debian? These 10 things to do after installing Debian 9 will help you make your Debian desktop experience better.

6 [Stretch] Fix for not network after installing without desktop

[Stretch] Fix for not network after installing without desktop I want to share with everyone a fix for not getting network / internet if you're installing Debian without a desktop (ie. not selecting a …

1 EnvironmentVariables - Debian Wiki

Environment variables are named strings available to all applications. Variables are used to adapt each application's behavior to the environment it is running in. You might define paths for files, …

1 directory - Is there a standard place for placing custom Linux scripts? -

As far as I know there is no place for custom Linux scripts. The directory that should be used for custom install is the /opt directory so it would be the safest option to place them there.

Unix filesystem - Wikipedia

Jump to navigation Jump to search "Usr" redirects here. For other uses, see USR. "Unix file system" redirects here. For UFS, a specific file system used by many Unix and Unix-like operating systems, …

5 Anyway to remap caps lock to be both escape and control like karabiner do

I'm looking for some tweak that will send control if caps lock is held down, and will send escape if it's only tapped. Yes, quite easily. Modifier keys are distinct from the actual keysym sent. You …

Was first looking at how to configure using xkbcomp and setxkbmap, but just went with .Xmodmap for simplicity. The Arch Linux wiki page on Xmodmap states that it’s not really the best way to go, but …

2 Practical Linux Tutorial

This is a practical linux tutorial, covering commands that are used daily.

This method is only usefull in a bash script. BASH_SOURCE is an array variable whose members are the source filenames where the corresponding shell function names in the FUNCNAME array variable are …

1 Keyboard - Debian Wiki

To configure the keyboard, you have to install keyboard-configuration. The package console-setup is also needed. The keyboard settings are stored in /etc/default/keyboard file.

5 command line - How to get current gnome keyboard layout from terminal? -

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bash - How to add the content of a text file to the middle of another text

The condition /a/ looks for a line containing a. On such a line, the command r b.txt is executed which reads the file b.txt.

command line - How to insert the contents of one file to an exact place in

I have two files. The first one contains html code: document.body.innerHTML = document.body.innerHTML.

Debian Package Tutorial (dpkg/.deb) | DevDungeon

Debian Package tool dpkg is used on Debian, Ubuntu, Kali, Linux Mint, and other Debian based Linux distributions. This tutorial covers the basics of creating custom .deb packages and managing them …

Sed Command Examples file.txt unix is great os. unix is opensource. unix is free os. learn operating system. unixlinux which one you choose. 1. Replacing or substituting string Sed command is mostly …

for more than a year I have been looking for simple and stable text expander application on Ubuntu. There is Autokey, but it doesn't work for many people (there are a few threads here about this). For …

How to setup AutoKey for text auto-completion - Ask Ubuntu

Note: this may not work in a Wayland session! Texpander is a simple text expander for Linux. It is sort of like Autokey, except it works off of text files that you put in your ~/.texpander directory.

autokey/autokey: AutoKey, a desktop automation utility for Linux and X11.

AutoKey, a desktop automation utility for Linux and X11, formerly hosted at OldAutoKey. Updated to run on Python 3. Important: This is an X11 application, and as such will not function 100% on …

debian - -bash: sudo: command not found - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

Since it's a commercial server you won't have access to root account nor be able to operate with root privileges. This means you won't be able to run sudo nor install packages. What you can try to do …

server - How to login into a Ubuntu machine from Windows - Ask Ubuntu

We have Windows Vista/XP machines connected to a Win 2k3 server in our LAN environment. We recently got few laptops configured w/Ubuntu 11 and we would like to enable our Windows users to remote login …

How to change keyboard layout in Lubuntu 15.10? - Ask Ubuntu

Stack Exchange network consists of 174 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers.

Set the Default Browser on Ubuntu From the Command Line

Ubuntu Linux has a default browser functionality that will automatically launch the correct browser when clicking on a link in a gnome gui application. It’s easy enough to set the default browser …

google chrome - Lubuntu 14.10 - Setting default browser - Ask Ubuntu

Setting the default browser depends on the application you wish to launch your browser from, because Linux has several methods of determining default applications, so applications use different …

Ubuntu Forums

I've heard of a GUI for adding keyboard shortcuts for Lubuntu (or other LXDE-based systems) but somehow just got used to editing lubuntu-rc.xml (aka lxde-rc.xml and rc.xml) by hand.

Ubuntu Forums

1. Startbutton - Preferences - Default applications for LXSession - Autostart: Added /home/USERNAME/bin/ as a "Manual autostart application". My script doesn't start.

ubuntu - Limit a gui program in Linux to only one instance - Super User

There are some gui programs where if you select them from the menu, if it is already open, instead of opening a new instance, that window will become foremost. However, there are some programs that …

5 apt - Touchpad settings not found for LUbuntu 18.04 - Ask Ubuntu

I'm trying to find the control panel that will let me configure various things about my touch pad such as disabling it when other devices are active and what not.